Our beer varieties


A beer which has a full wort, a true export with a harmonious full-bodied taste. A quality product thanks to its long storage time and one of the most popular beers in Chiemgau.
• Stammwürzgehalt [%]:12,3%
• Alcohol [% Vol.]:alc 5,3% Vol.
• EAN-Code:42022091
• Articlenumber:00002, Flasche 0,5l
30 Liter KEG
50 Liter KEG|12.3%

Hofbräu light

A great brewing achievement, with an elegant aroma and a full-bodied beer flavour. Hofbräu-Light has 1/3 fewer calories and alcohol content than ‘Helles’ beer.
• Stammwürzgehalt [%]:8,9%
• Alcohol [% Vol.]:alc 3,4% Vol.
• EAN-Code:4013999000230
• Articlenumber:00523, Flasche 0,5l|8.9%


A traditional, Traunstein speciality beer, known far and wide. Goes down very well and has a particularly delicate, hoppy flavour. This beer matures for three to four months in the brewing cellars.
• Stammwürzgehalt [%]:13,6%
• Alcohol [% Vol.]:alc 5,7% Vol.
• EAN-Code:4013999000032
• Articlenumber:00003, Flasche 0,5l|13.6%

1612er Zwickelbier

1612er Zwicklbier – only on tap for the catering trade.

This is the beer from the good old days. Naturally cloudy, unfiltered, rich in vitamins, fresh from the cool depths of the cellar.

It takes its name from great-grandfather’s time, when the master brewer opened the tap direct from the beer cask with a coin, the "Zwickel", (like a two-Euro piece) to taste the beer.
• Stammwürzgehalt [%]:12,3%
• Alcohol [% Vol.]:alc 5,3% Vol.
• EAN-Code:42022091
• Articlenumber:00358, 30 Liter KEG|12.3%
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