Hofbräuhaus Traunstein

HofbräuhausTraunstein was founded as a WeissesPreyhaus, or weissbierbrewhouse, in 1612 by Maximilian I, Duke and Elector of Bavaria, and has been owned by the Sailer family since 1896. Josef Sailer, a brewery owner from Lauingen, acquired HofbräuhausTraunstein for his son Josef, who quickly turned it into a thriving business, and its beers became famous far beyond its home region of Chiemgau.
Today, the brewery is under the successful management of Maximilian Sailer and his father Bernhard as well as CEO Josef Schumacher.
Ever since its founding in 1612, the headquarters and production facilities of HofbräuhausTraunstein have remained in the historic centre of Traunstein. A modern and dynamic company lives and works within the town’s ancient walls.

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