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Getting a little better every day.

What drives us:

First-class beers that keep getting better through elaborate refinement processes. A sworn team that boldly forges ahead together – with craftsmanship, passion and humour.

These are the things that inspire and drive us – since our founding in 1612. We are realistic enough to know that life was more uncomfortable, more arduous and mostly shorter back then than it is today. But we have preserved much over the centuries that grounded people back then and connected them to the world around them.

The good remains

For example, thecareful handling of natural, high-quality ingredients , that they could smell, taste, feel every day. Or the satisfaction they felt when the complex brewing processwent exactly as it should. And then the pride in having created something that their fellow human beings couldenjoy to the full, that nourished them and made them happy.

A lot has changed since then. The beers, the technology, the brewing, all that has become modern, hygienic and efficient. But this sensual, instinctive connection between the brewer, his craft and his beer is just as intense today as it was over 400 years ago. We know this – because we experience it ourselves every day. And that is precisely why our beer has remained so unique to this day.