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Rely on us.

For innkeepers and festival organisers:

Innkeepers, hoteliers, clubs, festival organisers: We all live from people finding each other – and not digitally, but in real life. We earn our living with conviviality, community, enjoyment. And we all had to painfully realise that we are sorely lacking all of that – not only economically, but also in our hearts. Of course, a lot has changed at Hofbräuhaus Traunstein in recent months. But we know that every crisis comes to an end one day, and that all the beautiful things will be more valuable to us afterwards than ever before. That gives us hope, and we would like to pass it on.

We feel closely connected to all our customers and partners – through the knowledge of our roots and the joy of our craft. Together we carry on our Bavarian traditions – courageously, proudly and strongly. And together we love and celebrate life, with every sip.

We brew great beers because we also appreciate the little things:
This is how we inspire people and conquer hearts.