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The Sailers – a family ­tradition that carries on

Strong roots:

Hello, we are the Sailers. We are brewers by vocation, hosts by passion and Traunsteiner by conviction.

The history of the Sailer family can be traced back to the 17th century. We do not know how Lenhardt Sailer, the “old church builder”, and his wife Agnes reacted at the time when their son Georg told them that he wanted to become the first innkeeper in the family.

In any case, Georg prevailed and entertained his thirsty and hungry fellow citizens in Unterthürheim, in Bavarian Swabia. In retrospect, this was the perfect career decision, as it marked the beginning of the Sailers’ long and successful history as innkeepers. Soon more and more breweries and inns all over Bavaria were under Sailer management.

A family in its element: The Sailers and the Hofbräuhaus

Finally, in 1896, a certain Josef Sailer was offered the opportunity to run the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein – and so two things were combined that we continue to this day with pride, responsibility and joy: the history of one of the most traditional and well-known breweries in Bavaria and the history of our own family.

And because hospitality is only genuine when it comes from the heart, the Sailer women in particular ensure to this day that the traditional Bavarian inn culture still lives up to its legendary reputation.