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What makes our beer so special

The brewing process:

Great beers are not produced. You have to let great beers come into being. If we give nature the best we have – only then it will work for us.

The time of industrially produced mass beers for the world market was never our time. We have a long history, strong roots, and we have a different image of ourselves and of the world we come from and live in. Our beers can’t be like all the others because we brew, refine, store them in our very own way. That takes a special, centuries-old knowledge, that requires work and costs time – but it’s all worth it.

Open fermentation: The power of the senses

The vast majority of breweries ferment their beer in closed tanks and measure the degree of maturity exclusively by computer. At Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, on the other hand, we work with open fermentation. Our brewers are always in direct contact with the beer, spinning it by hand, being able to see, smell, taste, in short: experience and judge its degree of maturity with all their senses. This is how we cultivate a valuable element of centuries-old brewing craft – the “human factor”.

Horizontal tanks: The value of proximity

For reasons of cost and space, many breweries store their beer in large, upright tanks. We, on the other hand, work with the more labour- and cost-intensive two-tank process, in which the yeast settles at the bottom of horizontal tanks and therefore remains in contact with the beer longer and more intensively. Depending on the variety, we give our beers between six weeks and three months. Because just like people, beer needs time to develop its real character, to “grow up”.

Cold sedimentation: The path of tranquillity

For example, we are one of only a few breweries in the world to use the complex process of cold sedimentation. Here, we let the cooled beer wort rest completely undisturbed for several hours. This creates a completely clear, pure wort in which the yeast can then work optimally.

Filtering and filling: The preservation of freshness

Finally, we remove yeast and protein particles from our beer particularly gently and carefully. With our special filtering and filling technology, we carefully ensure that our beer comes into contact with as little oxygen as possible so as not to impair its taste and shelf life. This keeps it fresh and aromatic for a particularly long time – without stabilisation or pasteurisation.

These are just some of the special features that set us apart from other breweries. But we don’t do this just to be different. We do this because it is just so right.