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When the soul sings

Culture and diversity:

There is, of course, this first glance of a guest at the Chiemgau and Traunstein. But it is only the second and third glance that perceives so much more.

Especially those who come to us for the first time are naturally impressed by our nature, the lakes, the mountains. But then they come back and realise that behind this beauty there is much more worth discovering. A lively cultural and musical landscape, for example, characterised by visual artists, innovative bands or impressive classical music at the Chiemgau Music Spring. For us, all of this is a valuable piece of home that we consciously promote and support. Stefan Dettl, frontman of the Chiemgau band LaBrassBanda, once described it well: “Our home region has such a rich cultural diversity. The fact that the team at Hofbräuhaus Traunstein loves, lives and supports this culture just as much – that’s what connects us together.”

© Sepp-Adersberger