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Dialogue with eternity

In the wild:

The singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker once said “When I see a mountain lake, I don’t need the sea any more.” We understand what he means by that: the feeling of freedom.

In our perception, Lake Chiemsee is indeed the Bavarian sea. Well, we may be a little biased there. After all, almost everyone has a very special connection to their homeland. In ours, however, nature has undoubtedly succeeded in throwing some big shots. If you look at our impressive mountains and lakes in quiet moments, you will notice that something is moving deep inside you – or coming to rest, as the case may be. We are not imagining it: Scientifically speaking, massive things always exert an attractive force on the bodies around them. And just as the earth, for example, “holds” the moon, so too do mountains always cast their spell on people.