Weißbier Spezial Edition

This exclusive wheat beer speciality is only available to our gastronomy customers. In the beginning, it was delivered to the innkeepers in tanks, but today it is filled into barrels; however, it never finds its way into a bottle or directly to our customers’ homes.

This beer also gave rise to a new drinking culture in the region: the “wheat beer islands” including the characteristic small 0.3 glasses.

These islands have become a popular meeting place not only at traditional costume and tent festivals. In addition to the classic wheat beer and the dark wheat beer, the Special Edition is also an independent wheat beer variety full of character – with a distinct amber colour, less carbonic acid and more yeast. This creates a coherent, soft and full-bodied taste that always makes enjoying this wheat beer something special.

The full-bodied mousse invigorates the senses, the rich dark amber colour pleases the eye and the full, round taste flatters the palate. More natural yeast and less carbonation make the Special Edition a unique beer pleasure.

Original wort content 12.3 °

Alcohol content 5.4 %

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